In order to create and participate in Vision Session, please sign up and sign in:

To search for a vision session enter the term you would like to search for, select your search term type, and then click the search button:

To access a vision session, simply click the access button to the right of the name and description:

To create a vision session click the create button and fill out the form:

When a session is created users can use the ‘Step 2’ section to enter their Vision Statement suggestion:

Once the owner of the session progresses to step three, everyone can expand a list of list of all suggested statement. The owner of the session will be able to submit a draft vision statement, which encapsulates all the suggestions:

In step 4, the owner can set a time and date for an online chat. Everyone is provided a link to the chatroom, where the Vision Statement can be discussed:

In step 5, the owner finalizes the Vision Statement and creates a report detailing the decisions made:

Finally, in step 6 anyone can export a summary of the Vision Building process to a pdf: