The Collaborative Vision Building Tool

What does the Collaborative Vision Building Tool do?

Collaborative Vision Building is a process by which multiple people work together to define an ideal goal or end state for a project, this is called a Vision. When the Vision is clearly defined as a short concise statement, this is called a Vision Statement. The Collaborative Vision Building Tool has been designed in order to help you consult with others when creating a Vision.

When should I use this tool?

If multiple people are working on the same project and you need to decide what the final outcome of the project is.

How do I use the tool?

The Collaborative Vision Building process is divided into 6 separate steps. In some steps multiple people work together and in other steps one person combines the inputs from previous steps into a single input.

The first step is to define the project and describe what the project will be.

In step 2, multiple people can each propose a Vision Statement that will be compiled and reviewed in a later step.

In step 3, the creator of the project reviews all of the suggested Vision Statements and tries to combine all the suggestions into 1 all encompassing Vision Statement. This Vision Statement is still a Draft, and is liable to change in subsequent steps.

In step 4, all participants join a live chat and discuss the current Draft Vision Statement. They discuss what they agree or disagree with and suggest any changes that may be made to it and the reasons the changes should be made.

In step 5, the creator of the project reviews the discussion and makes any changes to the Draft Vision Statement that they think is necessary. Finally, the creator creates a small report that explains the decisions they made in making changes to the Draft Vision Statement.

Finally, in step 6, the Vision Statement is finalized and a document is generated that summarizes the steps that were taken during the process.